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Based on 793 reviews
Variety Pack
Fred Parsons
Sample box

I like all the flavors but the honey nut almond might be gaining more favor now. Some people might think it taste to sweet and I get that, but it's satisfying for me.

Variety Pack
Samuel Orellana
The best!!

These are the best tasting protein bars I've ever had hands down!

Charles Charlebois
Best bars available

I love these bars. Delicious. And I’m not being paid in any way for this review. Peanut butter is my favorite followed by chocolate. Replace my lunch with a bar and protein smoothie. I continue to order so they must be good. Pretzel is also tasty. Try the sample pack to find your favorites.
I think I’m set for a week or two.

4 Pack Sampler Box
Ann Pendergast
great bars

Taste great


The last couple years f boxes I have received have been hard.. maybe stale.


I liked the PB granola bar!
The others not so much. You can really taste the protein powder. Kinda dry. The PB granola was delicious though. Would order that again!

4 Pack Sampler Box
Suzi Tabiadon

These were very good. Nice size, fast shipping

Erica Greenberg
Honey Almond Bars Beeawesome

I am a chocolate lover but my first subscription I enrolled in the Honey Almond bars because we enjoyed them so much. Taste great and what a deal for the cost, size of the bar, and total calories compared to many other protein bars out this. In a class of its own.

Variety Pack
Vicki Tedford

Love them all!

Variety Pack
Daniel Londenberg
best protein bar on the market

I have tried and tried to find a protein bar that is actually edible and does not have to be forced down. Yall have nailed it.


One of the best tasting protein bars I've had!

Nina Savelle-Rocklin
The BEST protein bar ever!

This protein bar is delicious and tastes really decadent. It's hard to believe it's got so much protein goodness. I love that these are high protein and low carb. My family loves them, too, and they're all picky eaters so that's saying something. The chocolate pretzel flavor is my favorite but they're all yummy.

These were all great!

Perfect and convenient for on the go! Will be ordering again!

Variety Pack
jim lietz

Why is it 2.99 a bar on web site when amazon sells for less , I was charged 6.95 and the 35.00 , not sure if got a refund

Variety Pack
Dyani Church

5 star on taste
The chocolate pretzel and chocolate tend to be really hard and crumbly and quite messy fur in the go. The peanut butter and honey flavors are softer in texture and don't crumble as much. I ordered these direct from the company after ordering on Amazon, and they seemed to have melted and then firmed back up and were sold and shipped that way. 🙃 better quality when ordered direct from company.

Variety Pack
Pablo Magdaleno
So good, you forget they’re actually good for you.

I first came across these as a offer to try them for free, and I thought why not, worst that can happen is that I don’t like them. Well, I liked them. All of them, they’re all great!!! And 20g of protein?! Come on! Sure you can score lower calories for 20g of protein, but none that you’ll enjoy eating more than these.

Variety Pack
Kenny Karr
Variety Pack

I have ordered several variety packs at different times throughout the year
I have enjoyed all the flavors and the convenience of a grab and go meal when you're short on time makes these bars even more desirable. I will be ordering more variety packs when my recent order runs out.

4 Pack Sampler Box
Maria Piccolo

Very good bars enjoyed the sampler pack will now order more

Variety Pack
Mike Schrauder

I love that you are doing the variety pack...I now subscribed so they come every month...and they are absolutely delicious!

4 Pack Sampler Box
Cassandra Farmer
So good!

Probably one of the best protein bars I’ve had. Definitely recommend!

4 Pack Sampler Box
Linda schnell
Peanut butter is the best

They were all pretty good, but would like something softer.

The BEST!!

All of the bars are fantastic- size, flavor, texture, etc. The chocolate pretzel are my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

My favorite protein bar by far. I’ve tried many many bars over the years and the taste and quality ingredients make this the absolute best bar.

Variety Pack
Richard Butters
Still waiting

Ordered 4 pack and 8 pack variety and only received the 4 pack. I love these bars but nothing has been done about my second shipment. Ordered in Feb


These are my favorite! So good and filling!