Pretzel, It's All About that Crunch

Pretzel, It's All About that Crunch

It's All About that Crunch!

Don’t sacrifice your health journey for ho-hum, Fortifx did the work to keep your taste buds and your macros on point.

Half the Battle is Getting Started

You've got your macros down and your meal prep done for the week. You've got your protein, carbs, and fats down to a science and are committed to your health goals. Everything is going great. You've crushed breakfast and have your lunch perfectly lined up.  

That's when all hell breaks loose.  

Oops, You Did it Again

You're at work when you notice it—hunger pangs. You check your watch… ugh, only 10 am. You work hard to plan for healthy snacks. But the number of *natural* products advertised makes it hard to determine which ones are honestly good for you. The "healthy" granola bar you packed hits your goals but tastes like cardboard sprinkled with syrup-covered nuts. 

That's when the vending machine starts looking better and better. 

You just need something small to get you by until lunch. Those candy bars are screaming your name. 

Something crunchy, sweet, and savory. But what about your goals?

We all know that most granola bars are just dressed-up junk food. Overly processed and drowning in high sugar content, in reality, most granola bars can harm your health. With its easy, portable packaging and seemingly delicious contents, it can be hard to turn it down.  

Staying healthy shouldn't mean sacrificing flavor

Many of us try to restrict treats from our diets to meet our goals. The problem with a restrictive mindset is that it leads to overeating for many people. After all, how long can you really go without indulging in something sweet and crunchy?

But what if you didn't have to sacrifice your macros to enjoy a delicious granola bar? 

You could be enjoying the world's first half granola, half protein bar.

 A bar that aligns perfectly with your fitness goals and offers a delicious combination of flavors. 

Does it seem too good to be true? I'm here to tell you, it's true

Fortifx is an incredible granola-protein bar that sacrifices none of its taste but packs all the benefits of a healthy snack. 

Meet Fortifx

Half Granola

The world's first half granola half protein bar that meets all your delicious needs. 

With Fortifx, you don't have to sacrifice taste for your macros. This bar will never leave you tempted to sneak to the vending machine again. 

You won't look twice at savage candy bars or those random donuts someone brought to work. With Fortifx, staying on track with your fitness goals has never been easier. 

Revolutionizing Granola

Fortifx, has taken the *processed* out of granola without sacrificing fantastic taste. With their delicious Chocolate-Pretzel bar, you get a guilt-free chewy flavor-forward treat. With only 3 grams of sugar and 20 grams of whey protein, you can easily fit Fortifx into your healthy lifestyle without sacrificing your goals. 

Guilt-Free Midnight Snacking Starts Here 

These ingenious Fortifx Chocolate-Pretzel bars pack only 260 calories and boast six layers of transparently-flavored goodness that will fuel your muscles and rock your taste buds. With its rich, smooth chocolate and crunchy pretzel, this will be your next *must-have* kitchen staple. 

Fortifx's patented combination of real food and high-quality whey makes it unique. Fortifx Pretzel makes the ideal snack to keep your hunger away without sacrificing flavor. These bars were crafted to fit into every lifestyle and diet. 

Busy Mom?

No problem! Stock up on Fortifx for the perfect on-the-go snack to fuel even the busiest carpool mom's life. Even your kid will love this bar! Whether it's an afterschool snack or a quick snack before sports. One bar will fill them up long enough to make it to dinner. 

Trying to lose weight? 

Pack a Fortifx Chocolate Pretzel as a great alternative to your sugary protein or granola bar. Skip the cheat day candy bar and grab a Fortifx Granola Protein bar for a guilt-free treat. 

Counting macros and growing muscle? 

Wonderful! Each bar packs 20 grams of pure whey protein goodness. This delicious bar makes the perfect pre or post-workout treat. Unlike typical, sugary protein bars, you'll only need one Fortifx bar to satisfy your appetite and cravings.    

No matter your goals, this bar will meet your needs! 

The best part – Fortifx has remained committed to keeping their healthy snack affordable to you. 

Health shouldn't taste like cardboard. It also shouldn't cost more than its unhealthy counterparts. Despite inflation, Fortifx has been able to keep prices the same, so you don't have to sacrifice your health for your wallet.  

So put away that cardboard-tasting protein bar or that granola bar that crumbles while tearing up your mouth, and order your first case of Fortifx Chocolate-covered-Pretzel

Start enjoying this guilt-free delight without sacrificing your goals. 

Your new healthy *Chocolate-covered-Pretzel* journey starts today. 


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