Honey Almond, Go Nuts

Honey Almond, Go Nuts

Your Search for the Best Protein Bar is Over!

Are you looking for a protein bar that you don't just tolerate eating? 

Have you spent years searching grocery stores, scouring the Internet, getting lost down the Amazon rabbit hole, or asking industry experts for their opinion on the best protein bar? Perhaps you've even tried a few protein bar recipes on Pinterest, hoping to find that perfectly balanced, healthy, tasty protein bar.

You are not alone in the quest for The Perfect Protein Bar!

Every time we tried a new recommendation, we'd pause for a "This is the one moment." Praying for a protein bar to make the taste buds dance with delight, only to be served with disappointment time and time again.  

Sure, we didn't get sick, but we didn't look forward to our protein bar either. 

Feeding your body should bring nourishment and joy, not indifference or the essence of cardboard. 

Imagine a world where you get to eat a protein bar that is both healthy and delicious.

Stop imagining because we've got you covered. With Fortifx, you get the best of both worlds!

Go Nuts, the Protein Bar of Your Dreams is Here!

 At Fortifx, we've worked hard to create a bar that is high in protein, healthy, AND tastes good

Forget cheat day and say hello to guilt-free treat day with our Honey Almond Protein Bar. 

Your mouth will think you're eating a candy bar while your body will be getting the nutrients it needs to hit your macro goals. On top of tasting delicious, these bars are high in protein, low in sugar, and affordable in price. 

Don't believe us? We don't blame you, but Fortifx is the real deal! 

We bet you're wondering, "How does it work? How can a healthy, affordable protein bar also taste incredible?"

The World's First

Our not-so-secret, secret ingredient: granola. 

This bar is the WORLD'S VERY FIRST 6-layer half-protein half-granola bar. 

Honestly, why did no one develop this PERFECT PAIRING before? Mixing satiating whey protein with delicious granola, Fortifx Honey Almond Protein Bars have all the protein your body craves with flavor to make your taste buds dance!

Click here to get a dance party started in your mouth!

Too good to be true? We think not.


Honey Almond Protein Goodness

Half Granola Bar

If you're the type who CRAVES sweets but wants to stay fit and healthy, this is the protein bar for YOU. Our Honey Almond Protein Bar is the sweetest flavor in the Fortifx lineup. 

Packed with 20 grams of whey protein and tons of flavor, our Honey Almond Protein bar will have you and your tongue doing a happy dance.

 Don't let the sweet, candy bar-like flavor fool you. Fortifx fits easily into your macro goals with only THREE GRAMS of sugar. You heard us right. 

Check the amazing ingredients on our website to see how easily Fortifx fits into your healthy lifestyle.

Oftentimes, it can feel like cheating on your health and wellness journey when enjoying a sweet snack. After you try the Fortifx Honey Almond Protein Bar, the days of shame and guilt will be over. Once you eat and enjoy Fortifx's delicious protein bars, you won't have to feel guilty because they are genuinely healthy.

A protein bar that WORKS

Our honey-almond flavored protein bars are PACKED with protein and granola, meaning you'll feel satisfied and FULL. 

Have you ever eaten a protein bar thinking it would fill you up, but 30 minutes later, your stomach is growling? 

The struggle does not have to be real! 

Forget sugar-based snacks and meals that leave you yearning for more. Fortifx has worked long and hard to create the best protein bar filled with quality ingredients to keep you satisfied for longer. 

6 Glorious Layers

What exactly is each layer? We don't play games. What you see is what you get:

  1. Granola and protein mixture layer
  2. High protein cream
  3. REAL pieces of honey almonds
  4. First high-protein chocolate layer
  5. Second high-protein chocolate layer
  6. High-protein, flavored drizzle layer

Each layer of high-quality ingredients will leave your stomach as satisfied as your mouth.

Honesty and Trust

We've all experienced the joy of finding the perfect product online; You place your order, but when it comes, all you feel is disappointment and a dent in your wallet.

With Fortifx, this will never be the case. 

You deserve a protein bar that delivers on taste, performance, and cost. We at Fortifx are so confident you will love our bars we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! If our Honey Almond protein bars don't meet your expectations, we'll send your money back, no questions asked! 

With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you've got nothing to lose.

Fortifx Honey Almond Protein Bars are so good, it's nuts. 

Try the Fortifx Honey Almond Protein Bar today.

We bet you’ll agree; this is the BEST protein bar yet!


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Only $35.92
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