Halloween Candy Alternative

Halloween Candy Alternative

Seeking a Halloween Candy Alternative?

FortiFX has You Covered!

Halloween is many a child’s favorite holiday, but it can often be a parental nightmare.

We love to see their eyes grow big and their smiles super wide as they say, “Trick-or-Treat.”

Yet the struggle is real when it comes time to battle them over how much candy they can enjoy and when they can eat it. 

As much as they’d love to devour most of their Halloween earnings that evening, the sugar rush and crash are nothing to joke about!

Who’s ready for a healthy candy bar alternative to pass out this Halloween?

I know I am!

Be The Cool Mom 😎

We at FortiFX are all dressed up for Halloween!

We like to think that our protein bars are candy bars in costume 🦸

#FantasticFortiFX to the rescue!

These protein bars contain all the healthy nutrition that contributes to a balanced diet.


Being healthy is cool!

With 4 taste bud-punching flavors, we’ve got your sweet tooth covered!

Flavors to Satisfy that Candy Craving

  • Chocolate: The one that started it all! Our original protein-packed granola blend, coated with luscious chocolate, will have you believe this is a candy bar in disguise!
  • Chocolate Pretzel: The perfect blend of salty & sweet! This crunchy bar of perfection will have you sorting your kids’ candy bags & jack o lanterns and tossing out your favorite candy bars! You’ll be replacing them all with this cult favorite!
  • Honey Almond: This honey almond delight will have you thinking it’s fresh from the hive! With a light and airy texture that gives you the warmest salty & sweet hug, you’ll want to run through the neighborhood with this bar in your fist, shouting that you’ve found the ultimate candy bar! (It’s Halloween, make it spooky!)
  • Peanut Butter: Do we even need to go on? It’s peanut butter, our butter half. 

Why Protein Bars on Halloween? 

Can’t I Indulge?


Your diet is in YOUR hands! Don’t feel guilty for indulging in your favorite candies this holiday season!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth that can’t be denied, our protein bars are HUGE, filling, & irresistible!

You’ll find yourself reaching for our protein bars - even WHEN you want to indulge!

What’s The Deal With Candy on Halloween, Anyway?

The short and sweet answer? For larger cities to save money!

Back in the 1930s, Halloween was mainly a holiday for young men to play pranks. Civic organizations came up with the ideas of costumes, candy, & other Halloween treats to basically ‘buy off’ children & distract them from their pranking.

(Some of these pranks started adding up and costing cities millions of dollars in damages!)

Shortly after this new trend began, WWII hit, and sugar in the US was rationed. These Halloween candy trends were put on a bleak pause, causing the candy industry to run WILD with pre-packaged candy once they realized that homemakers didn’t want to make their own sweets to pass out!

Imagine hand crafting EVERY PIECE of candy that you hand out on Halloween!


Nashia Baker explains this holiday a little more in-depth in her article Why Do We Pass Out Candy on Halloween?

A Spookier Story

According to the History Channel, Halloween was a pagan holiday spent in costume to ward off ghosts!

Villagers would dress up, light bonfires to dance around, and sacrifice crops!

The spookiest part of this story is the Celtic people believed that on the day of Halloween, the boundaries between our world, and the world of the dead, made it easier for the spirits of the dead to visit our world!

The Coolest Mom

“I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.” ~ June George, Mean Girls

You’re the coolest mom! It’s okay to admit it.

Your house is the one where everyone hangs out. You’ve got piles of stinky shoes by your door & LOADS of laundry to get done at the end of the day.

With those stinky shoes, dusty smiles, & chaotic costumes prove one thing: there’s no disguising that you’re a great mom.

You’re doing your best, keeping your kids healthy & happy, and still managing to find the time for yourself.

Take a break, kick your feet up, eat this protein bar costuming as a candy bar, & watch those cool kids toilet-papering the neighbors - I mean, snacking on delicious FortiFX candy bars around the bonfire!

Happy Halloween!

Stay safe, stay spooky, & enjoy these candy - I mean, delectable protein bars!

FortiFx Protein Bars

For more about our protein bars, check out our Blog!

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