FortiFx Customer Benefits & Involvement

FortiFx Customer Benefits & Involvement

Because We Wouldn't Be Here Without You!

A History of Food in Review

Not long ago, I attended a 1960s-themed 60th birthday party. The celebration embraced the era from shoulder pads to classic rock to Baked Alaska. When I read the menu for the party, I planned to eat before I went. Seriously, no clue how Boomers and Gen X are still alive based on what we know about nutrition today. 

The menu was full of prepackaged products that had my cholesterol levels rising at the mere thought. The 60s truly impacted the food industry from funky Jello molds, vegetables slathered in fake cheese, and more mayo than I'd like to imagine. But the 1960s weren't all bad for the food industry. 

With all of the prepackaged products came the prominence of convenient food. 

It's taken a bit of time and research, but with the growth of convenient food came the development of better-for-you packaged goods. I'm here to tell you, they do exist!

Not All Packaged Products Are Created Equal

Be it food, clothes, toys, or any packaged product, most of us have been influenced by someone to buy something. Perhaps you like the logo design, or your favorite celebrity swears by the product. Or, if you're like us, you're a sucker for a good product description and are often let down by misleading verbiage.

That's not who we are at FortiFx!

Not Just Another Health Brand

For those who identify as millennials, we've seen a massive shift in the health and wellness industry. The introduction of the internet and social media to our lives has heavily impacted how we receive and interpret new data and findings. As food has evolved, so do health crazes, fads, and diets. 

There are extreme opinions on both ends of the spectrum; however, there is enough data to support the importance of a balanced diet and being mindful of macros and calorie intake. 

We've Come a Long Way 

From humble beginnings and big dreams, Sean Perich's passion project began in his apartment kitchen and has evolved into something that is changing the health and wellness industry one delicious bite at a time: FortiFx. 

FortiFx began with its OG flavor, Chocolate, and has expanded to Honey Almond, Pretzel, and Peanut Butter. I want some!

These protein bars are so good that Sean is expanding the flavor palette to include Strawberries and Cream, S'mores, and Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Bars. Click Here for the Latest and Greatest in FortiFx

Like many entrepreneurs, Sean began work on FortiFx with grand hopes of financial freedom. Of course, the ability to dictate the terms of your life and be your own boss are major motivators and rewards for successful business owners; however, what truly amazes visionaries such as Sean are the relationships and bonds formed by these ventures. 

The Value of Loyalty

As the FortiFx brand has grown, so have Sean's connections to some incredible people, brands, and businesses. From individuals to fitness influencers, to celebrities, Sean knows the success of his brand would not be possible without his loyal customers. These relationships have been invaluable to the success of FortiFx granola/protein bars. 

So, what does this mean for the amazing client base who continue to recognize the brilliance of FortiFx? In addition to the upcoming release of three new flavors, customers now have access to become members of one of three FortiFx Programs. 

FortiFx Programs

You've fallen in love with FortiFx and want to be part of the protein bar revolution. We don't blame you! We've created three tiers of involvement for those looking to join our community. 

Affiliate Tier

You don't have to have tens of thousands of social media followers to be part of our team! 

Click Here to Apply to Fortifx Affiliate Tier

What Do You Get?

  • Get $7 store credit for every full-price case of 12
  • Get $2 store credit for every "Free Sample" sold
  • Our best-performing ad graphics for sharing/reposting on social media

Brand Ambassador

How Can You Earn Brand Ambassador Status?

  • Sell 100 full-price cases and 100 "free samples"
  • Six monthly Social Media posts with product representation or story of use
    • One post must remain on the feed
    • Five posts can be stories or removed after a select period

What Do You Get?

  • 10% Commission on ALL brand sales through coupon code
  • 30% Subscription Discount 
  • Access to multiple graphics and copy to use for social media

Click Here to Apply for Our Brand Ambassador Program

Pro Team

How Can You Earn Pro Team Status?

  • Meet all requirements for Brand Ambassador Program
  • Content distribution requirements determined with Pro Team Management

What Do You Get?

  • 20% Commission on ALL brand sales through coupon code
  • Monthly Delivery Package
    • (2) cases of flavor choice, full size
    • (1) case of snack-sized flavor choice for self
    • (1) case snack-sized for distribution
    • (1) updated apparel item
  • Access to multiple graphics and copy to use for social media

If you're selected for our FortiFx Pro Team, you'll be invited to travel with us to events, win sponsorship money to compete, or grow your personal brand alongside FortiFx.

Click Here to Apply for our Pro Team Program


A Girl


Social media is an integral component of today's world, which is why it's part of our FortiFx programs. Needing to post is one thing but crafting a plan of action can be a struggle. We've gathered some tips and tricks to simplify the process and spark some creativity. 

Finding a Where

Perfectly polished product placement isn't what we're after. Don't get us wrong, we love good lighting and catchy captions, but we believe our product belongs in the real world. We want to see and share FortiFx Protein Bars in your daily lives and activities.

  • Starting your health journey, grab a photo with your accountability partner, coach, or favorite gym equipment
  • Dad on the go, snap a photo with a FortiFx Pretzel Protein Bar at your kiddo's baseball game or dance class
  • Mom back to the office after Maternity Leave, snag a shot of you working your hustle with a FortiFx Honey Almond Protein Bar
  • Fitness coach or instructor, film yourself in action or between classes getting your FortiFx in
  • Surf day with the girls, take a totally tubular selfie with a FortiFx Peanut Butter Protein Bar between sets 
  • Bachelor weekend with the guys, nothing says male bonding like a photo of the crew on a hike with a FortiFx Chocolate Protein Bar
  • Craving a midnight snack, no shame in the FortiFx late-night portrait game

Determining When

We've said it before, and we'll repeat it, "At any time, at any place." Trying a new product and trusting it to be what it says it is can be challenging. Loyal FortiFx customers like you can help inspire others and allow them to make healthy, delicious changes to their lives. 

Still need inspo?

  • Attending expositions, conventions, or conferences
  • Sweaty selfie at the gym
  • In the words of Drake, "Sweat pants, hair tie, chillin' with no makeup on"
  • On the go
  • Rest Day
  • Grubby, covered in motor oil, or chillin' on a dirt road
  • Relaxing at the pool
  • Bundled up, sweaty ski sesh in Mammoth
  • Hunting/Fishing
  • Camping
  • At a festival
  • Date night
  • The world is your oyster

You've figured out the where and when, but what on earth do you say?

We want your genuine words, but we know that can sometimes be challenging. Check out a few reviews from other loyal customers to get even more inspo!

  • "These bars are seriously the best on the market! Clean, protein-packed, DELICIOUS! I am super picky about protein bars and am not a huge fan of most out there, but I absolutely love these and am so glad I found them...def my go-to bar during the day for my mid-day snack!" ~ Abby (May 31, 2022)
  • "Holey Moley, they're not lying!! The first chocolate protein bar I've had that tastes as good as it looks in the glamour pics on their site. It was chewy and satisfying and DELICIOUS!! I was gonna take a pic of all four, but someone ate one right away... Ok, it was me!!" ~ Joseph (September 22, 2021)
  • "Delicious! I was given one of these bars when I nearly fainted after a HIIT class (I didn't eat breakfast before taking my pre-workout and going all-in - rookie mistake), and it brought me back to life! Haha, more or less, this friend that gave me this bar turned me to this product for good! The taste is amazing, and it helps me get the amount of protein and nutrients I need to reach my goals. I'm impressed by the quality, and I love that it doesn't taste like a standard protein bar (most can be hardly edible) - the crunch and the smooth peanut butter is definitely my favorite bar!" ~ Trisha Anne (March 18, 2022)

What are you waiting for? 

Order your free sample pack now! 

Try each of FortiFx's fantastic flavors and be the first of your friends to share in the Protein Bar Revolution. 

Have a fun FortiFx Bar recipe? Share below in a comment for a chance to be featured in future FortiFx content! 

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