Chocolate, The One that Started it All

Chocolate, The One that Started it All

Craving Chocolate? Don't Deny Yourself, Satisfy Smartly!

Fortifx Chocolate Protein Bar, The One that Started it All


I don't know about you, but sometimes I get a craving for something sweet. No matter what I've tried, nothing comes close to fulfilling that desire like a piece of chocolate.

It's not a habit I would typically want to engage in regularly, though. For one, refined sugar is addictive. Indulge too frequently, and you may find yourself struggling to cut back later. 

Additionally, it can affect your health. Your teeth, insulin levels, gut microbiome— all of these are influenced and impacted by the amount of refined sugar you take in.

You work out regularly and keep a mostly clean diet. So, you don't want to undo all of that with a ton of sweets.

But cravings are tricky. The more you tell yourself you're not allowed to have something, the more your mind tells you that you want to.

So do you indulge, or do you eat healthily?

Recently, I found a snack that allows me to do both.

It fills my craving for chocolate without undoing all the hard work I've done with diet and exercise. Plus, it has some fantastic benefits beyond being a tasty treat.

My newest smart snack? 

Fortifx Chocolate Protein Bars!

I know, I know. Protein bars aren't typically the most mouth-watering treat you can eat; but Fortifx's half protein, half granola Chocolate bar tastes like a candy bar. It'll have you shifting your mindset on bars immediately! 

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Still don't believe me?

Let me tell you why I've made these bars my go-to workout (or just any time) snack.

Enjoy the Taste of Chocolate Without the Sugar

I'm sure we've all tried other protein bars that claimed to be chocolate flavored. The truth is, most of them don't taste nearly as good as they look on the package. 

The chalky flavor and lingering aftertaste make it clear that you're eating a "health food" masquerading as a snack. Your taste buds aren't fooled at all! They're really only a step away from those terrible fat-free diet cookies that your mom ate in the 80s.

In contrast, Fortifx's Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt protein bars actually taste like chocolate. They have a great flavor that fills your craving for sweets without loading you up with sugar. In fact, they only contain 3g of sugar per bar.

Low sugar content means you can enjoy them before a workout, after a workout, or as a satisfying late-night snack without the guilt.

Add Some Protein to Fill You Up

Since it's called a protein bar, the next benefit is, unsurprisingly (drumroll please)... protein. These bars contain 20g of protein each. 

Eating more protein can help you build muscle growth, maintain muscle mass, repair tissues, and avoid losing muscle when trying to lose weight. 

But sometimes, ensuring you're getting enough protein every day can be challenging. Or, in the case of chalky protein drinks, they're downright unpleasant tasting.

Fortifx's chocolate protein bars are perfect for taking along in your gym bag for a pre-workout boost or post-workout replenishment.

The whey protein also makes them a filling meal replacement or any-time snack.

Get Some Crunch with Granola

Half Granola

Here's the really unique feature. Fortifx's chocolate protein bars are the world's first half protein, half granola bar. 

Now, I’m not talking about those hard-as-a-rock granola bars that break apart, leaving crumbs with every bite. You know the ones. Sure, those hold up in an emergency (sort of), but nobody truly enjoys eating those bars.

Fortifx bars are made with just enough granola to give you a nice crunch – while holding the chewy, chocolate deliciousness you crave from a bar.

When you bite into these incredible and unique protein-granola bars, you don't have to worry about the granola crunch tearing the inside of your mouth to shreds like the super crunchy cereal we all loved as a kid.

Fortifx's Chocolate Protein Bars give you the perfect balance of smooth, rich chocolate and yummy, crunchy granola.

The Perfect Smart Snack

I know it's hard to believe this perfect union of a candy bar, protein bar, and granola bar exists; however, I assure you it does. I know it will become your newest go-to snack or meal replacement.

With 20 grams of whey protein, 260 calories, and only 3 grams of sugar, this bar not only tastes fantastic but it's also good for you.

You get all the pleasure of eating dark chocolate with sea salt and none of the guilt.

You can pick up some of your very own Fortifx Chocolate Protein Bars here.


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